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FCLG is making the second episode of FCLife Animation, and we need your help!

Anime FcLife! vol.2

Published in 2014, FCLife is an animation based on the comic of the same name in 2010.

FCLife is a story about a not-so-ordinary everyday life of FCLG, our furry doujinshi circle.

The animation is available on youtube, so instead of explaining what it’s like, perhaps it’s better to see it for yourself!

Currently, we are working on the second episode of the animation. It will be freely available on youtube like the first one.

Since FCLG will be disbanded this August, this will be our last work.
Hence, we would like to do our best on this animation.
And in order to do that, we need your help.

With Indiegogo, you can help us funding this animation to help make it even better than the first one. With more funding, we can add more blahblahblah.

The campaign is set to flexible funding because we will still finish the animation even if we don’t reach the goal.
Reaching the goal mean we will be compensated for our work and each of us will have money to fund ourselves for each member’s future indiviual projects.

Better yet, if the funding reaches the stretch goals, we will have more money to spend on improving the animation!

我々FCLGはこの8月で解散となり、このアニメーション作品は私達の最後の作品となります。 そのため、この作品に最善をつくしたいと思います。